Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review: Goodwill in Manteca

I love love LOVE thrift stores and it's awesome that I live right next to one. Ever since we moved to an apartment complex that borders with Goodwill, my closet took an unexpected turn and drifted into a small Goodwill outlet, since at least 75% of my clothes comes from this fashionably adventurous place. And since I brag about "my Goodwill" all the time, I decided to do an actual review of the store for those who desire to shop on a budget but are scared of the unknown aka thrifting.

This Goodwill in Manteca is probably the most organized thrift store I've ever visited. Clothes are organized by type, color and size - I've never seen a thrift store color organize their clothes, usually it's a big rack full of whatever, but not this Goodwill. If you have a specific color or style in mind, you can go directly to the section and look for it without wasting your time going through racks and racks of clothes. They also try to organize clothes by size, but that's as good as the next customer willing to put their discarded clothes back where they found them.
Selection of brands and sizes is pretty good plus they often get brand new clothes from Target with tags still attached. Those clothes are usually priced higher. On the perimeter of the store are shelves with household items, everything from seasonal goods through phone cases, no longer needed souvenirs, toys, plates, books, golf clubs and vases.
Also, there are no surprises regarding the price. All clothes have a set price (except the new Target ones) which is pretty low - more about that later.

I can't find any, Goodwill in Manteca is pretty much my dream come true. I don't really shop for furniture and I know this particular store does not have many pieces available, same goes for art pieces, but they have a lot of knick-knack for your house.

Pretty good, if you are hunting for clothes. Abundant are brands like Merona, Anne Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Forever 21, INC, tons of clothes from Old Navy, GAP and St. John's Bay with occasional Express, Calvin Klein and J.Crew. They have a lot of scrubs and the whole store tends to gravitate towards current clothing. Every now and then I find a hilarious piece from the eighties with prominent shoulder pads, but it's more an exception than a rule. If you are looking for a hideous Christmas sweater, costume for a party or something vintage, this is not the store for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for clothes for work, rarely worn casual pieces or colorful additions to your wardrobe, head over to Goodwill in Manteca. Also, if you don't mind wearing used shoes, this should be your destination. Merona, Mossimo, ShoeDazzle, Rampage and Nine West shoes are waiting for you to be discovered.

Majority of clothes in this particular Goodwill are clean, without stains or holes. Every now and then I come across some major holes or stains, but that is the risk when thrifting.

Love love love the pricing system. You don't have to look at every single tag and try to decipher the handwriting of the associate, there are big signs stating the price for each category. Short sleeved tops are $3.25, long sleeved $3.50. Dresses sell for $2.75, unless they are wedding dresses or formal dresses - and yes, a bride on a budget can go and purchase her dress at Goodwill. For under $10. Pants are $4, so are skirts and denim is one dollar more. Books are priced by the amount of pages and household items are priced very randomly, mostly around $2.

Money raised at this store goes towards "workforce development services, including job readiness training, and employment preparation services to people facing barriers to employment in the Greater Central Valley". More about it HERE.


1477 W. Yosemite Avenue Manteca, CA 95337 
Open 7 days a week.


Phone: (209) 825-4105

You can also donate at this location.

Rows and rows of color-coordinated clothes at the Goodwill in Manteca. 
In a thrifted Abercrombie shirt about to buy a Hollister one. 

My newest find - super soft American Eagle Outfitters shirt. 

XOXO,The European Redhead

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  1. I cant wait to get there!
    I think its great they sell also furniture. I can imagine how I would uprgade some old table or chair :)